Baby Osteopath in Amsterdam

Specialization of our practice

Marta Morelli, Maren Tholen and Remco Lindeman focus in our practice on the treatment of infants and children.

Osteopath Marta specializes through the scientifically orientated study ‘Pediatric Osteopathy’ as a Pediatric osteopath.
Osteopath Remco Lindeman specializes in the embryonic formation of the individual after he has been trained as an osteopath. These two visions together ensure efficient interaction of knowledge and expertise within our practice. You can book your treatment at all the locations in Amsterdam.

The influence of a birth trauma

The birth is a particularly stressful event for every baby with many mechanical forces working on a baby. The forces with which these contractions affect the baby’s skull can easily cause mechanical blockages.
An example of this is when the “still soft” fontanelles on the baby’s skull, while leaving the mother body, slide over each other. If these fontanelles do not slide back well, certain skull structures become jammed. Subsequently, blood vessels and nerves become trapped and irritated. This can be a cause for a crying infant, colic or sleeping problems. Obviously, the osteopath does not only treat the skull. As with adults, the entire body is examined and treated.

Complaints that we can offer treatment

How does the research work with the osteopath?

The treatment starts with an extensive interview. In this we discuss the illness history of your child and we’ll ask some questions into some important events. How did the birth go? Is your child sick? How is he/she at the day care center? Can your child poop well? And how is he/she drinking?
After that, a physical examination will take place. We examn if there is any high tension in the body. The osteopath does the examniation with his hands and feels for loss of movement in the abdomen, pelvis, spinal column and skull. From this the osteopath can draw conclusions and a treatment plan will be formed.

The treatment.

During the osteopathic treatment session, we use gentle massage techniques to ensure that the mobility of the connective tissue is as optimal as possible. Treatment usually does not hurt and the babies will find the treatments more fun. They’ll notice that there is more freedom to move the body.

For whom?

Every baby benefits from treatment by the osteopath. A check-up treatment is always very useful to prevent problems in the future. The younger the children are, the faster they respond to a treatment. No treatment with a baby is the same. The stimulus that the osteopath offers for healing is therefore well dosed to your child’s ability.

What result can you expect?

On average you can expect results within 3 to 5 treatments. You’ll notice that your child becomes more playful, more patient, making easy contact with friends and less complaints about pain. The staff at the day care or teachers at school also often notice that the children will do better in the group, can easily participate in gymclass and have better development.

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