Sleep problemen within your baby

Sleep disorder in your baby

Sleep problems are common in babies, toddlers, but also in adults. Sleep problems differ depending on age. For example, the newborn baby has to habitually sleep alone and learn the day-night rhythm. Later in life, they may have difficulty staying asleep and/or falling asleep, or wake up very early. Sleep problems can also cause other physical and physical problems.

Influence of the nervous system

The activity of the central nervous system plays an important role in sleep problems. The osteopaths at our practice delve into the cause so that we can help you and your child. For example, stress, eating habits, external stimuli or many other causes can cause sleep disorders. Loss of movement in the body can also disrupt the sleep-wake system. It can cause a disruption of the hormonal system and nervous system, resulting in a disruption of melatonin production. This imbalance may be a reason for your child’s discomfort. These tensions/blockages can arise during birth, but also later in life. Osteopathy can especially help with these complaints. If a child does not sleep well, he or she may also show other complaints during the day, such as excessive crying, cramps, overstretching of the neck or noisy breathing.

Immuun system

A second possible cause is a lower immunity. This is caused, for example, by a reaction to vaccinations, food intolerances, and antibiotic use. Breastfeeding has a scientifically proven positive influence on the baby’s immunity. Immunity also depends on the proper functioning of the intestines. The mucous membranes in the intestines must be healthy and the bacterial balance in balance. An inadequate immune system increases the risk of inflammation, fever and overstimulation.

The treatment of the osteopath

After an full examination, we will help the baby to relax with gentle techniques. Tension is often located in the skull, the sacrum, the suspension structures of the organs in the abdomen and chest cavity, the spine or the diaphragm. The relaxation ensures a better balance of the hormonal system and the nervous system. Together with the parents, we will see whether we want to encourage more or less stimulation at certain times during the day.

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