The osteopath effectively treats your crying baby

Crying babies are not an unknown phenomenon to classical medicine. However, medication and only education don’t always produce satisfactory results. A crybaby is a baby who cries excessively. But what is excessive? There are different definitions for a crybaby. A good guideline to follow as a parent is that your baby is a crybaby when your own functioning is hampered by the excessive crying. Especially when the parent’s maternity leave expires, it is extremely annoying when you as a parent do not get enough rest and the functioning of the family enters a downward spiral.

What we do as osteopaths?

A crying baby is often in pain and discomfort. This discomfort is often caused by overstimulation due to a birth trauma in the baby. The skull and neck experience  great pressure and compression during the expulsion phase, which can lead to annoying tensios and bruises wich can cause the overstimulation or pain. With gentle manual techniques, the osteopath can relax the neck muscles and the connective tissue in and around the skull bones. This releases the baby’s discomfort and improves the baby’s development and sleep. Because the neck is directly connected to the organs, intestinal cramps, preferred positions, or reflux can be removed. Sometimes a series of symptoms arise after a difficult birth, which are also called the KISS Syndrome.

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