Pain in the esophagus

The chronic ingestion of lactic acid can cause the esophagus to become irritated. This is extremely annoying for the baby, because there will be a burning pain in the throat. As a result you will often see them making a constant growling noise and they will crying due to irritation of the throat. The pediatrician will often give you anti-acid medication. This can help against esophageal irritation. But the spitting will continue.

What does the baby osteopath do for reflux?

Fortunately, the baby osteopath offers a solution. He will reduce the tension in the stomach with gentle manual techniques. This tension can depend on many causes. For example, it’s very important that the neck moves properly. Futhermore the vagus nerve comes from the neck. This nerve runs to the stomach and will determine the tension of the stomach wall.

Many relationships with other body tissues

The osteopath also looks at the tension of the surrounding organs. These organs are connected to the stomach via the peritoneum. Tension of the diaphragm, spleen, intestine or pancreas will cause the stomach to tense and create more lactic acid. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call or email the practice. Reflux is often accompanied by other baby ailments such as: A lot of crying, a preferential position or intestinal cramps. Often the result of a difficult birth. 

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