preferred position baby

Can be treated quickly and effectively by an osteopath

Preferred position in babies is caused by tension at the level of the highest cervical vertebra, or by birth trauma at the base of the skull.

Muscle tension in the neck

There is an important link at the level of the highest cervical vertebrae, namely our brain stem. Our brainstem is connected to almost our entire body. When tension occurs elsewhere in the body, the muscles around the brainstem on one side of the neck will respond with an increase in muscle tension. The baby is therefore inclined to direct itself towards the tension. The osteopath resolves the fixations that are responsible for the tension in the neck muscles. A local follow-up treatment of the neck and cervical vertebrae will remove the last remnants of the preferred posture.

Preferred position due to birth trauma

Birth trauma at the base of the skull occurs after a breech presentation or difficult delivery. The biomechanical change regarding the skull base ensures that the skull grows asymmetrically. One side of the skull is flattened. When the baby lies on its back, the head will automatically turn towards the flattened position. The osteopath can normalize the asymmetry of the skull base with gentle manual techniques. The skull can now grow symmetrically again.
Do not wait too long to consult an osteopath in case of birth trauma. The sooner treated, the better the result. Babies can be treated from 2 weeks after birth.

A preferential position is often accompanied by other complaints that often occur in babies, such as: Intestinal colic, excessive crying, reflux or the KISS syndrome

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