Colic cramps

Colic in your baby

Intestinal colic is a common problem in babies. It is annoying and painful for the baby and can cause uncertainty for the parents. Changes in diet are often used by the GP and the health clinics. If the intestinal cramps are accompanied by eczema, adjusting the diet can be very useful. The cramps are also regularly accompanied by excessive crying and reflux complaints. The osteopath can play a important role in releasing the colics within your baby.

Neck and nervous system

However, intestinal cramps are often the result of blockages in the neck or overstimulation of the nervous system. The n. vagus originates in the neck. This nerve controls the intestines. In the event of a blockage as a result of birth trauma, this nerve can become pinched or overstimulated.
The osteopath can gently massage the neck with gentle techniques. This ensures liberation of the n. Vagus and can give your child enormous relaxation. The intestines function will improve, aswell as the stool and crying will reduce. This will often results in a better sleep pattern within your baby and the child’s development will accelerate.


If there is an underlying allergy or food intolerance to the cramps, the osteopath will give you sound advice on how best to adjust the baby’s nutrition.

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