Difficult birth

What are the consequences of an intense birth?

Birth is a very powerful process. The enormous pressure that is placed on the skull during the expulsion phase can easily cause tension in the bones of the skull. Breech position, stargazing or incorrect tilt will put a lot of pressure on the head. Small sutures in the bones can become tensed. Normally these should still have some mobility. The base of the skull can also deform slightly. The base of the skull is very important part because this is where all the forces enter that act on the head.

Symptoms in the baby period

The tension at these joints or tension at the base of the skull can cause unpleasant problems for the baby. It can lead to a flattening, preferential position, a crying baby, intestinal colic, reflux or a restless hyperactive baby who can’t sleep.

Symptoms in the toddler and preschool years

Later in life, a difficult birth can cause motor development problems or worsen the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Bedwetting, learning problems, abdominal pain or hyperactivity are also often the results of a difficult birth. The osteopath is able to normalize the tension around the skull joints and the skull base with gentle manual actions. You can often see a big difference in the baby’s functioning within just a few treatments.”>

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