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Osteopathy Lindeman Amsterdam

What is osteopathy?

The osteopath sees the body as a whole and treats it from out of a holistic philosophy. Often the cause of the complaint is found elsewhere than where it is experienced.
"Life is motion" is the philosophy of the osteopath. By increasing the mobility of the connective tissue, the blood and lymphatic flow is strongly encouraged, aswell as the function of the nervous system. This will improve the vitality of the body tissue. The mobility of the tissue and its functionality are inseparable. In this way, the self-healing ability of the body will be activated. The body can use its own forces to take away the complaints.

The osteopaths:

Remco Lindeman

With 7 years of study in physiotherapy and osteopathy and years of working experience Remco Lindeman started his own clinic in Amsterdam in early 2012. His osteopathic philosophy is funded on embryological principles. “When we understand how the body is formed, we can understand the working of it and reach to the source of the problem.”
Remco is mainly specialized is working with babies, adults and athletes.

Nica Wesselink

Nica has followed the 5-year training for osteopathy at The International Academy of Osteopathy (ILO) in Zeist. Because of her background as a physiotherapist and trainer of Boothcamp, she is very interested in nutrition and sport. Now that she has completed her study osteopathy, she will continue to develop herself in complaints in babies, children, adults and athletes.
The combination of extensive knowledge of jointdiseases and with her specialism as an osteopath, she is able to treat a wide range of complaints such as back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, digestive problems, running problems, frozen shoulder, and headaches / migraine.

Zoë Reynaert

Zoë graduated from the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO) in Ghent. She granted the title BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. During her studies, she became even more convinced of the possibilities and strengt of osteopathy. The holistic way of working makes it a deeper and more efficient therapy on humans. The manual, osteopathic techniques is the perfect tool to bring balance in to the body. Through a scientific proven training program Zoë is a specialist in the treatment of infants, children and pregnant women.

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Fees and health insurance

  • 45 minutes: € 85,-
  • 30 minutes € 60,-

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After the treatment you are able to pay directly with PINcard. You will directly receive a note that you can submit to your insurance company. By clicking here a table will appear with the refunds as they are given by the different Dutch health insurances.

Moving or canceling an appointment is free of charge until 24 hours prior to the consultation. Cancellations or changes within 24 hours before the appointment will be charged with € 65,- (45 minutes) or € 45, - (short consultation).

Why we charge for cancellations or changes within 24 hours before the appointment.

Locations of Osteopathy Lindeman in Amsterdam

Location 1: Osteopathy Amsterdam South*                                 
Rooseveltlaan 78                                          
1078NM Amsterdam                                   
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Location 2: Osteopathy Amsterdam centre    
Valkenburgerstraat 188e
1011NC Amsterdam    
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Location 3: SMC Diemen
Burgemeester van Tienenweg 24
1111CW Diemen
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On monday till friday you are welcome for an osteopathic consultation.
Call for an appointment at: 020 26 141 99. Or book an appointment online.


All osteopaths of the team are connected to the Dutch Association of Osteopathy (NVO) and the Dutch Register of Osteopathy (NRO).

  • Osteopathie Lindeman
  • Praktijk Amsterdam Zuid
  • Rooseveltlaan 78
  • 1078 NM Amsterdam
  • Praktijk Amsterdam Centrum
  • Valkenburgerstraat 188e
  • 1011 NC Amsterdam
  • [T] +31 (0)20 26 141 99
  • [E]