Osteopath and backpain?

Low back pain can have many causes. Therefore, the osteopath will examine your entire body. Your posture is important, but also your internal flexibility. Blockages in the foot, or pelvis can easily be the cause of lower back pain.
Treating the lower spine alone often gives short-term results, however, if the cause of the back tension is treated, you will experience a more satisfying result.

Mobility and stability with backpain

It is essential that the balance is restored between the mobility and the stability of the spine. When the vertebraes in the spine don’t move properly, annoying symptoms will occur. For example vertebral blockages, a herniated disc or sciatica. But over-excessive flexibility can also cause discomfort. Therefore, it is very important to normalize stability. As in pelvic instability. The osteopath tests which muscles respond less powerful and can, often with amazing results , optimize its strenght en stability.

Influence of the internal organs

The osteopath also examines whether tension in the organs are part of the problem. This can easily cause pain in the lower back. Tension in the intestines, kidneys, uterus or prostate are often the cause of lower back pain, but also post-bladder infections can causes severe back pain. Osteopathy is the form of treatment that accurately examines the movement of these organs in relation to your back pain.

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