Osteopathie Lindeman in Amsterdam

Behandeling bij osteopathie Lindeman betekent betrouwbare zorg met als resultaat een optimale bewegingsvrijheid. Altijd binnen handbereik in Amsterdam.

Why go to an osteopath?

Do you expierence abdominal pain, a burnout, jointproblems, back pain, migraine, pregnancy problems, a crying infant or other complaints? At Osteopathy Lindeman you are at the right address. We’ll help you with great enthusiasm to get you feel fit and vital again.
Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment method for solving these and many other physical complaints. Our osteopaths improve the mobility of your body’s connective tissue to stimulate healing. As an osteopath, we use mainly our hands for this.

What makes us so effective?

The clinic of Osteopathie Lindeman specializes in the treatment of babies, children, pregnant women and athletes. The therapists at Osteopathie Lindeman have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, embryology and neurology. Every therapist in our practice has his own specialism so that people of every age category can be treated. Is your complaint so complicated then we are always able to consult each other in our weekly consultation. We love short lines in our practice.

Reviews from our clients

Three practices in Amsterdam


Practice Amsterdam South

Rooseveltlaan 78
1078 NM Amsterdam

Practice Amsterdam Centre

Rooseveltlaan 78
1078 NM Amsterdam

Practice Diemen

Burgermeester van Tielenweg 24
1111 CW Diemen

General contact

+31 (0)202614199

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