Irritating bowl syndrome

Intestinals problems

A mechanical approach.

Many people walk with intestinal complaints that the doctors can’t cure. With medication and advice often the doctor will fight your bowel problem, but unfortunately not always successful. The osteopath can help you get rid of your bowel symptoms as he approached the problem differently. He examines whether a decreased mobility can be cause of your bowel problems. For example adhesions between intestinal loops will create pain and compresse bloodvessels. This will make the bowel tissue a lot less healthy and will give symptoms.


Often it’s not sufficient enough to just reduce your stress level. It has some effect, but often the nervous system is so far out of balance that the symptoms still remain. The osteopath can bring your nervous system back into balance so that the intestines are less over-stimulated.

Nutrition and Supplements

Of course, nutrition is important. But a healthy intestinal system can digest your food way easier. It’s not always the case that you shouldn’t eat a product. Apart from looking for allergy or intolerances we critically evaluate the immune system. Parasites, fungus and other bacterias can invade the gut. Therefore to correct the immune system it is sometimes necessary to take certain supplements.

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