Thijn (6 weeks)

Realy crybaby

"Last December, I gave birth to my first son Thijn , unfortunately the vaccuum pump had to come in hand after a long labor . He had tremendous colic cramps and cried very much. Sleeping was also a big problem when laid flat on his back  he shrieked it all together. Thijn was a real crybaby. I got the tip from a friend to contact an osteopath. I immediately followed up the advise the same day and could go to Remco.

Our sweet baby boy is back

Remco examined Thijn and screened his little body. He noted a birth trauma Thijn , which is a logical response to an intense baby birht with vacuum delivery. This sounded to us initially all very intense, but after fine explanation of Remco we went home home with the idea that it would go better with Thijn .

Remco corrected in six treatments his cervical- and small intestines strain and every treatment we saw Thijn refurbishing. Before treatments Thijn drank special food for babies with colic. After the second treatment he could return to the standard nutrilon diet. We even bought a swaddle blanked for a peaceful sleep, but it now lies at the bottom of the closet .... since the treatments we had our sweet boy back ! "

Ronald Dirksen , Jacqueline Bors & Thijn

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