Zac (baby)

What his mother said...

“I had heard many good things about osteopathy for babies, but preferred to take our 3-month to someone who had been recommended. As we didn't know anyone who had visited a baby osteopath in Amsterdam we were waiting for a trip to Australia to try it out,  however the crying every night, way too much wind and explosive poos were too much so I found Remco's site (and the testimonials on the site helped me pick up the phone & call!).

After a few treatments we have seen so much improvement in Zac. The reflux is almost gone, the wind has decreased and we have a much happier baby overall. An extra benefit is Zac can now comfortably turn his head to the left (when I had asked the kinderarts about his restriction turning his head to one side I was told it was 'normal', but I wasn't comfortable with the flat patch Zac seemed to be getting on one side of his head).

I would highly recommend Remco, and encourage any parent looking for a way to help their child to also pick up the phone and call.

Kristy Housley”

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