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Baby Osteopathy Amsterdam

Crybaby , colic cramps or reflux

The birth of every baby is a particularly stressful event involving many mechanical forces that work into the baby. Under the influence of hormones the labor process in the mother starts. The forces created by these contractions work on the skull of the baby and can easily provide mechanical strain in the body.


Baby birth trauma 

An example of this is when the soft fontanelles will slide over each other. If these do not slide back craniale blockage will occur. Following this, blood vessels and important nerves become pinched and irritated. This can directly lead to pain in the child. For example, pinching the Vagus nerve at the neck can create tension in the neck muscles. This can therefore be a cause for a crybaby , colic cramps, hyper-activity or reflux.

Total osteopathic check-up

The osteopath will not only treats the skull. He thoroughly examines the baby in a gentle and soft manner and also in the treatment he will not use hard techniques. It will never occur that a baby is manipulated ('cracked') or forced into an extreme position .

Always do a check-up

Every baby has benefit from treatment by the osteopath. A control treatment is always very useful to avoid problems in the future. The younger the children are , the faster they respond to treatment. The stimulus that the osteopath administering to cure , is precisely matched to the strenght of your child.

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