Stomach upsets

Stomach upsets? The osteopath helps!

Stomach upsets occur regularly. These symptoms can range from stomach pain, acid burn or cramps. Fortunately, many of these symptoms are succesfully treatable with osteopathy.

What does the osteopath do?

The osteopath gives critical look at the mobility of the connective tissue of the entire body. Is there tension in the connective tissue of the stomach? Receives the stomach still signals from the central nervous system? Are the right nutritions twisting the body? All thes are factors that could cause irritation of the stomach.

Helicobacter Pylori

Some organisms such as funghi and bacterias can strongly affect the function of the stomach. When there is a helicobacter bacteria found in the stomach the gastric acid will be less acidic. Why? Because the helicobacter doesn't like it. She finds an acidic environment just pleasant. A low pH in the stomach is essential in order to kill other organisms like fungi, parasites and other bacteria so that they may not be harmful in the intestines. Helicobacter pylori can attacked with the right supplements and the stomach acid can normalize again and decrease reflux conditions.

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