Backswing Golf

"My name is Chrisje de Vries and I play professional golf since 2011 in various European circuits. To get all the limitations out of my body I took hold in February 2013 to contact Remco. After a brief investigation, he found that my right shoulder was stuck, and that this was caused by rotational limits of my liver. After treating my liver and the control points of the liver my right arm was released. The treatment was uneventful and did not hurt. The day after the treatment my coach Remco was pretty impressed with the result, never had my right arm such a good position in the backswing! To keep my shoulders loose and to resolve other restrictions in my body I remain seeing Remco for treatment."


  • Osteopathie Lindeman
  • Praktijk Amsterdam Zuid
  • Rooseveltlaan 78
  • 1078 NM Amsterdam
  • Praktijk Amsterdam Centrum
  • Valkenburgerstraat 188e
  • 1011 NC Amsterdam
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