Sports osteopathy Lindeman Amsterdam

Sport osteopathic medicine

Osteopath Mr. Lindeman is specialized in sports injurie . As an early therapist he developed a rehabilitation protocol for youth soccer players. After his basic training in osteopathy Mr. Lindeman started to specialize in sports osteopathic medicine. With his unique approach (proffesional) atlethes will recover faster and perform again on maximum power.

How does osteopath work?

The osteopath not only treats the musculoskeletal system, but also the spinal cord and the organs. Therefor the osteopath can detect and treat even the smallest loss of motion. These may be located in the connective tissues of our musculoskeletal system, but also in the peritoneum of the organs or the spinal cord. These tissues are linked together true mechanical, neurological and embryological relationships. Long, lingering injuries can still be remedied with the osteopath. In sports it is also about the details!

Muscle weakness, instability and strenght

The unique method wich is used at the clinic op Osteopathy Lindeman will create a superfast result. By muscle-testing the osteopath detect where the root of the problem lies. His approach will create muscle stenght and specific stability in only one treatment. You will be aware of the result, already in the treatment.  

Football, hockey, basketball
groin injury
knee instability
ankle sprain
hamstring injuries

Volleybal, tennis
tennis elbow
golfer's elbow
impingement syndrome
shoulder instability
shin splints

achilles tendonitis
heel spur
calf cramps
runner knee

Martial art
hip problems
neck stiffness
shoulder pain

Rehabilitation after surgery

If stagnation occurs in a long period of physiothapeutic rehabilitation after shoulder surgery, knee surgery or bone fracture a visit to the sports osteopath will be very helpfull. Often, the self-healing capacity of the body is not optimal and the osteopath can ensure that this will improve. The rehabilitation process under the guidance of a sports physiotherapist or sports doctor will go a lot faster in combination with treatment by an osteopath.

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