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Shoulder injury

A complex joint

The shoulder complex consists of up to 5 different joints and sliding surfaces. The origin of shoulder injuries can therefore lie in many different causes. The osteopath examines in detail where these problems come from.

Mobility and instability

The shoulder is in a constant balance between mobility and stability. When mobility is increased, the muscles must work harder to ensure stability. From a disturbance of this balance many different symptoms may occur. For example a frozen schoulder, tendonitis, and shoulder instability. Also a mechanical impact or a fall/bump can give unexplained pain for years. 

Osteopathy Lindeman in Amsterdam

Osteopath Remco Lindeman is through training in 'sports osteopathy' specialized in shoulder rehabilitation.  He investigates the cause of the problem by muscle testing. This can be in the shoulder, but also in other parts of the body. For example the temporomandibular joint, the pelvis and even the feet have a direct link with the shoulder complex.

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