Anne Julie (3 weeks)

"Osteopath Remco will forever be part of the satisfaction of our daughter

My colleague Maud gave me the tip when I was pregnant, "San , a crybaby does not exist. If your baby cries a lot or  there is something else you need to do something about it". That meant little to me during my walrus time but when the miracle finally came it really cried a lot, so I went looking. Most babies cry because it is the only means of communication they have. Usually it is hungry, tired or dirty diapers. Simple, right?! After childbirth our baby was often very upset, cried a lot, slept poorly, ate like a mad and very hyper-active, so mother became more uncertain and insecure. When Maud came back to me and we looked for alternative medicine and thus arrived at Osteopathy. (a manual examination and treatment therapy wich rests on a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and biomechanics --- by gentle and pain -free manual techniques (massage -like) Remco can find blocks to detect and treat ) THANK YOU .

The result is amazing

Website & writing style Remco came across as reliable, so we made â??â??the first appointment. WOWIE. Of course, we went there mega skeptical with the "doth it not , it does not hurt"  intention. Quit scary your little child of a few weeks, but Remco is super nice so that is quickly over. Long story short, after 3 treatments we have a daughter who sleeps well, smiles, satisfied, curious, less colic pain. The result is amazing. I recommend this to all new parents to get your baby checked by an Osteopath.

Consider the tip of Maud - cry babies do not exist , in my perception is correct.

Thanks Remco !'

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